Can you teach a dog how to swim?


Can you teach a dog how to swim?

They say dogs are born knowing how to swim, but that’s not entirely true. Some breeds are more likely to be so, while others find it much more difficult. For this reason, the question arises whether a person can learn to swim in the water. It doesn’t seem easy, but is it possible?

Let’s move on and give you all the details. The answer is yes, you can teach a dog how to swim, and we’ll tell you how to do it.

Keep in mind that dogs tend to be more water-friendly than cats, but not everyone likes them. And while it’s best to teach a dog how to swim like a puppy, it can sometimes feel fear and combine the water with something negative.

Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that the contact with the water of the animal is fun and not traumatic. In this way, the little animal connects him with something positive, and above all, we come to the goal: to teach him to swim.

Teach a dog how to swim: The first contact should be fun
To have fun with your first contact, we’ll give you some tips that will be very useful. And it is not uncommon to see adult dogs afraid to bathe because of a negative experience with water when they were puppies.

The bad advice to throw the puppy into the water is not good here because he was born because he knew how to swim. None of this, because it could keep us away from our goal instead of helping us achieve it.

Therefore, the first contact with the water of the animal must be gradual and slow, patient.

We can sit in the pool, lake, or sea wherever we are and have our puppy next door. We will take him into our arms and let the water wet his paws. If you feel comfortable, we can make your belly wet after a while. Otherwise, we will give you more time to settle in.

One way to feel comfortable is to turn the place into a playground. Put your favorite toys (those that can get wet, of course) can attract your attention and could even get into the water by itself.

Choose flat places
Do not go to a place where the dog sinks as soon as it enters the water. Look for an area that is not too deep. It could even be a bathtub, or if you have a plastic pool at home, like the one used for children.

With the help of a balloon and a few words of encouragement and affection, you could motivate him to dive alone without even needing our help.

Floats, another option
If you see that your pet is having problems, you can put flotation devices in it. These will give you security and also help you learn to swim.

In addition, they can save your life because not all dogs have the innate mobility to stay bathed for long periods of time. Remember that the most important thing is to make water a fun place for them and not create trauma that leads to problems for adults.

Your help is essential
As we always tell you in many of our articles, love, perseverance, and affection achieve great things. Your help is an essential part of your dog’s teaching to swim.

In addition to your words of encouragement and affection, you should talk to him in a way that makes him feel that you trust him and that you really believe that he can do it. You may not understand our words, but you perceive the tone in which we tell them.

On the other hand, you can hold it with your hands around the waist to make sure you use your four legs. Staying close to himself even when going it alone can help him build his confidence.

Whatever you think you can do to help him get well received by him, I’m sure you’ll get good results. Applause, your dog, can also swim!