Two dogs do everything to save their owner

The following story of Rhineland-Palatinate shows this in a moving way. It all started in Ludwigshafen, Germany, in the early morning of July 24.

Christiane W. was still asleep in bed when she suffered a stroke. This led to a prolonged bone marrow infarction, which also contains the respiratory center, which was damaged accordingly. In fact, the 48-year-old should have gone unnoticed if two heroic dogs had not got out of his way.

Tyson and Bandit noticed something was wrong and did everything without hesitation to save their beloved owner. Meanwhile, Tyson ran up the stairs and barked,” says Selina, one of Christiane’s daughters. Thanks to the constant commitment of the two four-legged friends, the mother-of-two became conscious and clung to her.

Selina, who had passed her last graduation exam sometime earlier, was still in bed as her mother and slept until she was awakened by Tyson’s barking and grinning:
“All I could hear was whining. I ran downstairs and saw my mother. He was supported by Tyson and Bandit on the left and right. The left half of his face hung, and his leg did not move either. She couldn’t speak and could only stand with the help of our dogs,” says the young graduate.

He and his father Markus called the emergency doctor, who arrived a short time later. The 48-year-old was eventually taken to the emergency room. Christiane survived, although she now has to deal with the consequences of her stroke.

One thing is certain; however: without the heroic efforts of Bandido and Tyson, she would have left her husband Markus and their two daughters Selina and Jessica, on July 24.

Without Bandit and Tyson, our mother would have died in her sleep. I wouldn’t be here! Our mother was 48 at the time and owed everything that happened to them afterward! She owes their lives! “Selina writes.

Even after the stroke, both mild noses have always been a great help to their owner. They accompanied Christiane during her recovery so that she could return to life:

Sometimes, when you didn’t know exactly what he meant, the dogs did. They were not trained or similar but behaved like real dogs/protection dogs. They were both around her every day and also helped her with advice when we weren’t there,” says Selina.

Unfortunately, Bandido and Tyson couldn’t support their owner for long. Bandit died in mid-2017 a day after undergoing surgery due to a treatment error, and Tyson succumbed to acute lymphocytic leukemia in early 2019.

They recognized before everyone else. They are sentient beings with a strong soul and deserve to know what heroes they are,” Selina writes.
Our parents saved and adopted animals for decades. Who would have thought that life would be so grateful and that they would be saved by their animals? We are grateful for every day, and as a family, we will continue to welcome the animals one by one to thank our heroes, so the place is never empty because they would have wanted it,” says Selina’s sister Jessica.