The family leaves their dog at the shelter when they learn they have a baby.

Julie Carner was heartbroken when she learned that Smiley, the pitbull, had been thrown into a crowded Brooklyn, New York, they were killing a shelter for the family who loved him and would take care of him, all because the family wanted to have a baby.
Unfortunately, Smiley did not accept the new shelter environment well. He became clumsy and hefty, but not aggressive.
So this perfectly healthy and lovable puppy ended up on the death list of the shelter.
Carner, who used to promote pit bulls, desperately wanted to save the puppy. He posted a call on Facebook and asked everyone to help with the dog’s adoption before it was too late.
She wrote from Smiley’s point of view that she would have liked to have the baby her family wanted, adding that he did not want to die.
Carner then wrote everything about Smiley, talked about his love of toys and squeaky balls, his knowledge of the basic commands in Spanish, the fact that he is trained at home and on a leash, and that he has no behavioral problems.
He also highlighted Smiley’s extroverted, playful, and friendly personality.
Pound Hound’s Res-Q tried to get him out of the death blow, but they didn’t have a nursing home for Smiley.
At some distance, there was a couple in the subway: Olena Kagui and her husband.
Kaguya couldn’t get sacrify and started crying when she realized no one had said she could help him.
I couldn’t be happier. But Kaguya pushed and managed to convince him so that they could encourage him.
After his castration, Smiley arrived at Kagui and her husband’s house. He was worried about people at first, but he was good.
You could say that he had been trained because he chewed nothing but his own toy and did not jump into bed. But he was also too afraid to look at his adoptive parents.
Within days, Smiley began to open. He revealed his loving and loving side, and Kagui took him for a walk through the park.
He was calm and enjoyed meeting other dogs and even other people!
Kaguya and his partner soon loved the adorable pit bull.
They decided to take it over officially, and now Smiley is safe in a house that will never leave him.