Man killed two cats, animal attacker only good

The legal status of animal cruelty is exceptionally opaque in many countries.

Only recently have there been public demands in Germany that the slaughter of animals should no longer be regarded as a fundamental material.

In Austria, a recent case in Styria shows once again the lenient penalties people can receive in some cases, even if they kill other people’s beloved pets.

Graz/Austria: It is said to have been a bloodbath, but exactly how this happened is still unclear after the trial.

The case is a structure of several false statements, cover-ups, and violence, at the end of which two innocent cats lost their lives.

As reported by Oe24, the prosecutor allegedly charged his ex-girlfriend for killing her cats.

It was like a massacre!

Man,22 kills two cats
After the alleged act, the defendant’s ex-girlfriend testified that the 22-year-old threw her cats Puma and Luna against the wall and “murdered” them.

The bones of cats are broken and testify to the raw effects of violence on animals.

Tuesday was the day of the trial. And then with him again on the answer in the there. Statements of the Prosecutor.

“Maybe he lay down on her in bed. I can’t explain it,” the ex-girlfriend said.

Animal molester receives only a fine
The animals should have been bleeding slightly from the mouth and more clumsy than the intention.

According to media reports, the judge called the statements “extremely implausible.”

While the friends of the former couple met again at the scene with a variety of statements, with little overlapping content, only the testimony of the witnesses of the neighbors was considered reliable.

Neighbors “feared for the girl’s life,” they said. The trigger was that they had watched someone hide the dead cats on the neighboring property.

In the end, the judge delivered a verdict, which he justified as follows:

I realize that this has happened.

The verdict? A fine of 7,500 euros (8,000 U.S. dollars).

However, this judgment is not yet legally binding.

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