Find out why cats like to play with their prey

Cats are mistakenly believed to play cruelly with their prey before killing them. Many people are horrified to see a cat killing a mouse, which involves a lot of nudges and numbness, but they shouldn’t be fooled by what it looks like. It is simply basic self-defense from the point of view of a cat, although many animals are really harmful.

Rats and mice, for example, are very fast, desperate, and could bite with their sharp teeth. (They are about 20 times larger. Do you want to meet a rat face to face?) Also, never underestimate the damage a bird’s beak can do. After all, these animals have nothing to lose.

To kill their prey, cats bite into the neck to break the spinal cord. However, they use their short scar carefully to do this. In order to be successful, however, the dam must remain motionless. If, from a cat’s point of view, this seems to be a cruel sport for humans, the best way to deplete prey before they bite to death is.

A cat’s instinct tells him that this is the most rational way to effectively quit the job with the least risk. If you try to do it quickly, the loot can escape and can be injured.

Why a cat brings live mice home

A cat does this for two main reasons. As we already know, a cat sees humans as part of their community, but they have no basic hunting skills. Therefore, the mouse can be considered as part of a public mind training camp. The best thing you can do is catch it as quickly as possible, and the moment your cat wanders away from its eyes, you will quietly get rid of the unfortunate animal, as immediately and humanly as possible.

If your cat then has other animal companions who share the same garden (from a cat’s point of view, it’s your garden), you may not feel comfortable after hunting for prey. It must protect its victim from other cats or animals that might try to get their prey. That’s why she clings tightly to her and meets the house where she feels safe. Once you release your loot into your own territory, which is intimately trusted but unknown to the loot, you will have all the benefits.

Why a stray cat leaves the prey dead at the front door

Sad to say, most domestic cats don’t have their own home, for some reason. This usually happens whenever cat owners have to move, and they don’t bring their cats with them. You feel let down and look for another home.

The offer of what they are chasing is like giving you a gift to test yourself. Anyway, if you move to a new neighborhood and the neighbors give you freshly baked cookies as a welcome sign, you will most likely accept. Similarly, the cat expects his gift to leave the way for an owner to greet.

Keep in mind that until recently, a cat that turned out to be good at catching rats or mice was more likely to receive the reception you wanted. Therefore, it is not at all the cat’s fault that human attitudes have changed from generation to generation, and their instincts have not yet been updated.