The dangers of letting her cat wander outside

It seems natural to allow cat access to the outside world, to use its natural instincts, and to act as it would in nature. But it’s worth remembering that our pets are a domesticated breed that has never been in the wild for many generations. In addition, there are many things in the human environment to which your instincts have no answer, such as cars. So what are the dangers if cats can roam freely in the neighborhood?


One of the first things to consider is the area where you live. Although it is nice to think that the cat will only wander in its garden or yard, cats naturally have a larger territory and patrol this. The pursuit of some wild cats has shown that they can cover like a large area of hundreds of hectares, with the largest area ever followed by a mixed male cat, about 1351 hectares! This cat didn’t get the support of humans, so he needed more territory to find enough food to survive, and that’s exactly what he did.

For most pet cats, however, the average area is 4.9 hectares. So think of this overlapping distance from home and look at the challenges the cat would face.

Cat in Cat

Dangerous encounters with other cats are another reason to make your cat an indoor pet. One of the most important ways in which cats develop serious illnesses and diseases is contact with other cats outdoors. Cats are not sociable in the way dogs are and meeting with another cat usually does not end with the smell of buttocks and a grin. Fights can often break out, especially in male cats, and this is a way to spread conditions such as cat leukemia and cat immune virus.

Even parasites can spread from one cat to another. Fleas or mites are an unpleasant problem but are usually easy to treat. But there are more serious parasites that spread in cats like El Toxoplasma gondii, a parasite that can cause neurological, reproductive, and respiratory problems, and these can also be transmitted to humans.

Although vaccines are a protective measure against many of the most common diseases and diseases, it is worth considering that no vaccine is guaranteed and that eliminating exposure changes is the best way to reduce infection risk.

Outdoor ideas

There are ways to leave your cat outside, but to be able to control your movements a little and reduce the risk of a cat at cat meetings. An example is to train them from the kitten to go on a leash with you. This allows them to explore the area, but you can limit how far they can go. An indoor-exterior case is another idea, protected by steps or stitches, so that the cat can enjoy the fresh air and interesting smells, but do not leave the enclosure. Even setting up a vertical climbing area with safe plants for cats around them can help bring some of the outside air into them.