Train your dog to save a life in the water

Occasionally, observing Animal Planet has its advantage. You can really learn how to train your dog in different situations.

In August there was a show about a dog who liked to bathe in a nearby lake. Every time the dog left the house, you found it in the water. The dog entered the water for hours. The family should go to the water and take the dog out.

Instead of going out of the water on a dog, why not train the dog to get people in trouble out of the water. The owners decided to teach the dog to save lives and, at the same time, enjoy the water.

Of course, an expert has been brought into the training of dogs to really understand that if someone drowns in the water, this really has to be achieved.

In the past, when the owner’s daughter was in trouble in the water, the dog was able to get her to the dry ground, but he left her there and returned to the water. Good on the one hand, but what if he were unconscious?

The training started with a long leash. The dog was wearing a long leash. The trainer simply threw a favorite toy into the water. The dog retrieved him and returned to the water.

The trainer then threw two balls with a sheet attached to the top so that the dog could not grab the balls, but was able to take the knotted material into his mouth. That’s what this dog did. The dog dragged the material with the bullets out of the water to a safe place. The material acted as clothing by a person where the dog said to grab a collar or loose clothing the person was wearing.

Then the next step they took was to use a boat with two people on it. The trainer threw a favorite toy. I think it was attached to the rope in front of the small boat. The dog brought the toy and the rope securely attached to the boat.

His goal was to train the dog to eventually save lives on a boat that could not reach the coast safely. Also, if someone drowned, the dog would throw the person on the ground safely and get help.

This dog was very smart and picked up what the trainer was doing. So if you want to train your dog to save lives in the water, then use a long leash and do what the trainer has done above, you can start on your way.

Of course, you will find books on this very specific training method.