The man tried to kidnap a 10-year-old girl, had no idea her dog was nearby and was ready to protect her.

You adopt a dog for your child and think that it is a good addition to the family so that your child can play with him, hug, love, and learn responsibility. What if this decision saved your son’s life?

This is exactly what happened to a 10-year-old girl in Woodbridge, Virginia, when her dog stopped her from falling into the hands of an aspiring kidnapper.

Don’t confuse yourself with a dog’s best friend.
Of course, most dogs are cute and don’t pay attention to non-threatening strangers, but if you put their people in danger, you’ll regret it. Dogs are, of course, very loyal creatures, and they are inherently forced to protect what belongs to them and are threatened by everything.

Why are dogs so protective?
Most dog owners will confirm that pets are part of their family and that the feeling is reciprocal. Dogs take as much as you adopt them. This is the result of the pack mentality they inherited from their wolf ancestors. In other words, they don’t take it well when someone allows themselves what they think of their territory and their family. And they have an unshakeable idea of feeling the danger.

Owners must, of course, be careful that a dog does not see everything and everything as a threat and reacts aggressively. Attacking foreigners simply because they are foreigners, for example, should not go unpunished for the safety of humans and animals.

You also don’t want your own dog to consider you weak and need protection in the first place and everyone else. Dogs seek recognition, which means that if they see that you approve of meaningless aggressive behavior, then it will continue and intensify. You don’t want that.

However, it is also important that the owner accepts and promotes the protective instinct of a dog. As in the previous incident, you can protect yourself or your child from harm.

On Heather Glenn Ct’s 1800 apple tree in Woodbridge, Virginia, that’s exactly what happened when a little girl went for a walk with her beloved dog. It was around four o’clock in the afternoon. According to a Prince William County Police report, a Hispanic man grabbed the girl’s arm and probably tried to kidnap her. Her dog acted immediately and bit the man.

Because of the attacking dog, the man, who was about 1.60 meters tall and weighed 66 kilograms, let the girl go and fled. According to the police, he has dark brown hair and a goat beard. He was last seen wearing light trousers and a white striped shirt.

Thanks to the police posting on Facebook, the above information has been transmitted more than 500 times. Unfortunately, despite the widespread distribution of this video and the efforts of the authorities who used a K-9 unit to find the suspect, it remains unidentified.