If your dog does one of these nine things, then it means that your dog really loves you!

Dogs don’t care if your hair is bad or if you haven’t got the promotion you so much wanted. Don’t be judged if you went out late at night or spent the whole day in bed. All dogs need to know that you own them, and as long as you are with them, everything is good.

Everyone knows the unconditional love of a dog, but unfortunately, he cannot speak. So how do we know if our dogs really love us? Well, there are different ways dogs express their love for people.

Does your dog follow you wherever you go?
A dog that loves you will follow you everywhere. It can be a bit strange for your dog to follow him to the bathroom, but dogs don’t understand the boundaries in the same way as humans.

If your dog doesn’t get enough of you, he loves you and just wants to spend as much time as possible with you. Take your dog for a walk every night is a great way to show him that you love him so much.

Dogs stay by your side when you feel uncomfortable
Our furry companions have inherited certain behavioral traits from their wild ancestors. When a wolf is injured, members of his flock will surround him to protect him. Also, lick your wounds to support the healing process.

If your dog does not want to leave their side, if you feel uncomfortable, he will show his love and protect you while you feel weak. Don’t be surprised if your dog tries to lick its scratches or cuts. It’s not very hygienic, but he has good intentions.

Snuggle after meals
Dogs can be motivated by food. Therefore, dog trainers use treats to teach them positive behavior. If a dog wants to kiss you after dinner, then you are more than a food source for him. They are his top priority.

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