Dog delivers food to isolated neighbors with health problems.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, people everywhere come together to help each other in a small way, and a Colorado dog is no exception. As KKTV claims, the dog helps to deliver food to its quarantined neighbor.

The golden retriever Sunny, 7, belongs to Karen Eveleth. The couple lives in Manitou Springs, Colorado, with Renee Hellman. They have all been neighbors for over ten years. However, due to the outbreak, Renee had to be quarantined because of her health.

To be a good neighbor, Karen came up with the idea to help her shop, but she needed Sunny’s help to do it.

Karen explained: “She got the list. He gave it to Sunny. Sunny brought it to me. I went to the store, shopped, and he gave it away.

In an effort to follow the protocol of social removal, it was Sunny who came between the two houses and went to bring renegade items. And it has been going on for a while since the coronavirus broke out weeks ago.

Renee said, What a wonderful thing, just a sweet thing. So he tow on, back and forth. It was fun. It was just a real pleasure.

Renee has some underlying conditions and therefore needs to rely on oxygen to breathe. Given this seriousness, you must be careful. The delivery of food by Sunny certainly helps to break the monotony of isolation.

She said: Little things like sunny come to visit is nice, and it makes you feel good. It’s a form of communication.

But that’s not all; it also collects your emails. Karen decided to share Sunny’s story to make people smile.
Everyone can do something small that can be so useful. says Karen.