A woman abandons a gaunt dog and says she forgets to feed herself because she is “too busy.”

Most people who adopt a dog from the shelter are smart enough to know that at some point, the dog will need to eat, sleep, and “need” outside.

Note that we have said that the most “smart” people, that is, that there are actually some people who do not realize that dogs need to eat to survive!

A woman in Florida has adopted a dog from a shelter. She took him home and went to work. She claims she was so busy that she forgot to feed the dog.

How long does it take to throw a handful of croquettes into a dog bowl! Was she eating? Didn’t she think the dog could be hungry?!

The dog, Richter, had been adopted from the Humane Society of Sarasota County by Alexandria Drew, 20.

Six months later, Drew came back and wanted to make the dog gaunt by pretending that she had found him wandering.

Take a look at this woman.

Unfortunately, Drew forgot that Richter had a chip that indicated she was his owner! Loser.

Instead of taking her to the shelter, she took Richter to animal control. Drew claimed that she did not have the $30 rebate fee. This woman is just too amazing.

Can she just stop telling lies and be honest?!

Fortunately, Richter is in the competent hands of an animal shelter and was expected to make a full recovery. For his efforts, Drew was arrested.

I wonder if her jailers will be too busy to feed her – give her a taste of her own medicine.

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